eye surgical instrument cleaners are 
"free rinsing" for cleaning ophthalmic intraocular instruments
residue free.

four-enzyme eye surgical instrument detergents clean rapidly and cut cleaning costs.

​0225-01, eye surgical instrument cleaner
$112.94 ($28.24 per gallon) 
case of 4 gallons with 1 pump 
shipping weight 41 pounds, for manually cleaning medical devices, soaking re-hydrating to remove debris and mineral encrustations, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, and automated surgical instrument washer disinfectors.

NON ENZYMATIC Detergent Cleaner
0227-01 detergent eye surgical instrument cleaners
$64.60 ($16.15 per gallon)
case of 4 gallons with 1 pump
shipping weight 41 pounds,
Non enzymatic detergents effectively clean soiled intraocular instruments, with neutral pH "free rinsing" ingredients, that rinse clean, rendering eye surgical instruments that are residue free.
NON ENZYMATIC - Detergent Cleaner

ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument cleaners can replace other cleaning products;
enzymatic soaking solutions,
enzyme and detergent cleaners,
surgical instrument lubricants,
stain, mineral encrustation, and spot removers,
ultrasonic cleaning enzyme and detergent solutions,
instrument washer enzyme, detergent, and lubricants.

0225-32, easy FOAM-it soaking FOAM Cleaners
$116.85, case of 12, 32 oz. bottles
shipping weight 26 pounds for soaking re-hydrating dried on debris, stains and mineral encrustations.

0225-05, eye surgical instrument cleaner
$129.82, 5 gallon jug, 
shipping weight 48 pounds
for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic cleaners.

0225-15, eye surgical instrument cleaner
$389.80, 15 gallon jug,
shipping weight 145 pounds
for use with surgical instrument washer disinfectors, scope washers, and ultrasonic cleaners.

0225-30, eye surgical instrument cleaner
$778.84, 30 gallon jug,
shipping weight 270 pounds
for use with automated washer disinfectors, case cart washers, and ultrasonic instrument cleaners.

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