eye surgical instrument cleaners are;
neutral ph,
biodegradable, and
designed to deliver eye surgical instruments that are residue fee.

ONEcleaner intraocular eye surgical instrument cleaner enzymes break down all forms of surgical debris working with detergents that remove the debris, stains, and mineral encrustations from eye surgical instruments. 

The "free rinsing" ONEcleaner cleans intraocular eye surgical instruments, including the cleaning of phacoemulsification handpieces, for residue free cleaning outcomes. The four enzyme formulation of the ONEcleaner delivers the enzymes that will break down the most challenging bioburden. Cleaning phacoemulsification handpieces with emulsified proteins and lipids needs the ONEcleaner highly concentrated protease with lipase enzymes that will break down this emulsification of bioburden.

ONEcleaner enzymes break down bioburden while the surface cleaning detergents remove the debris and stains. 

ONEcleaner strengthens the passive layer of protection that prevents the corrosive and pitting of eye surgical instruments. The ONEcleaner surface lubricant frees up moving parts and conditioners treat hard water for spotless cleaning. ONEcleaner enzyme detergent eye surgical instrument cleansers deliver the highest quality cleaning outcomes that you and your eye surgical instruments deserve.

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