Don't spray it, easy-FOAM-it.
Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaning

The easy FOAM-it pre wash soaking Eye Surgical Instrument Cleaner delivers enzyme, detergent, surface conditioning, and effective cleaning for residue free eye surgical instruments.

The easy-FOAM-it lays down a thick, long lasting blanket, of enzyme detergent cleaning power to hydrate, rapidly beak down and remove all forms of surgical debris. When water is applied, the foam dissipates to provide a lightly colored media for rapidly cleaning eye surgical instruments.

The all-in-ONEcleaner delivers highly concentrated, powerful, yet non-irritating, enzyme detergent cleaning action combined with a water soluble eye surgical instrument lubricant.

The neutral pH enzymatic eye surgical instrument cleaning detergent lubricates while it cleans fast and residue freeThe all-in-ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument cleaners deliver the four enzymes that are necessary to break down all forms of surgical bioburden and the surfactant detergents to clean the surface.

The all-in-ONEcleaner is highly concentrated for faster cleaning and dosage rates that will cut your costs for reprocessing.

Surgical procedures that use suction produce emulsified forms of bioburden. Surgical procedures that use phacoemulsification, offer some of the most difficult cleaning challenges. The all-in-ONEcleaner was originally designed for cleaning eye surgical instruments and cleaning phacoemulsification handpieces, that are laden with emulsified lipids and proteins, residue free.

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