ONE cleaner eye surgical instrument cleaning solutions clean residue freeThe enzymatic ingredients and non-enzymatic eye surgical instrument cleaners are "free rinsing" for spotless intraocular eye surgical instruments.

The ONE cleaner enzyme eye surgical instrument cleaners were originally designed for cleaning eye surgical instruments residue free, avoiding residues that could cause TASS eye infections.

ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument detergent enzyme lubricant cleaners are non-irritating and neutral ph. ONEcleaner eye surgical instrument cleaning solutions clean rapidly, rinse free, and cut cleaning costs.

Go to eye surgical instrument cleaners and select the ONE cleaner product that can replace; enzyme cleaners, detergents, stain removers, surface conditioners, and surgical instrument lubricants.

ONE cleaner eye medical enzymatic instrument cleaners with surface cleaning detergents break down and remove the emulsified lipids and proteins, for cleaning phacoemulsification handpieces.

ONE cleaner non-irritating formulation was designed for cleaning eye surgical instruments residue free.

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